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A $450 dinner, $45 whiskey: Two financial regulators ring up the expenses

A $450 dinner, $45 whiskey: Two financial regulators ring up the expenses

You read this, then you multiply it by 1000. Or 100,000. Or 1,000,000. Then you think about our $22,000,000,000,000 debt.

And it is pretty clear that we cannot begin to turn thngs around util a few of these people are hanging from telephone poles.

via BBC – Future – Why it pays to declutter your digital life

One of those things that make you go, “of course!”

If its useful life is over, delete it.

In some regards meta search has lessened the problems associated with digital clutter. But then the onus falls upon the user to learn how to use advanced search…at the OS level, their email, and pretty much every other program or service they use. A little organization is much easier. I am continually astounded at folks who can’t grasp the basic concept of hierarchical filing.