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Vape Flavor Ban: Got Hypocrisy? | Perspectives from Foggytown


Story is here. Now can the hysteria about vaping nicotine stop!
If you want to use cannabis and you are an adult, it is your right. But vaporize the plant itself. As Americans, everything we touch we turn to shit. Opium is great, but ass-hats have to turn it into heroin. Coco leaves are great, cocaine is not half bad, but some ass-hat has to turn it into crack. Pot is great…
Smoke your concentrates, don’t vape oil.

Now the hysteria has stirred up anti-vaping sentiment, laws are being passed banning the best stop smoking aid in existence. Because of ass-hats, untold numbers are going to die from smoking related illnesses. Ass-hats and their media enablers.