via Remembering Geocities, the Suburbia of the Early Web – CityLab

Haven’t thought about Geocities in years. I loved that site, it is where I put my very first content online. I think back in those days I had an email address. Heady days indeed, so much promise. Now the promise has been usurped by google and facebook feeding off the apathy and utter lack of curiosity of most folks. I guess we get what we deserve and the trash circulating on facebook does not speak well for us…it is like 4chan for the mentally challenged.


via BBC – Future – Why it pays to declutter your digital life

One of those things that make you go, “of course!”

If its useful life is over, delete it.

In some regards meta search has lessened the problems associated with digital clutter. But then the onus falls upon the user to learn how to use advanced search…at the OS level, their email, and pretty much every other program or service they use. A little organization is much easier. I am continually astounded at folks who can’t grasp the basic concept of hierarchical filing.