The Threat Is Already Inside

By now, the script is familiar: Terrorists attack a Western target, and politicians compete to offer stunned and condemnatory adjectives.

Source: The Threat Is Already Inside | Foreign Policy

We used to call it common sense…sadly missing from today’s debates.


Hey, mainstream media: This man is not a ‘gunman.’ He’s a terrorist

Source: Hey, mainstream media: This man is not a ‘gunman.’ He’s a terrorist

I fundamentally disagree with this assessment. With the information that I have, I can’t be 100% certain that he is not a terrorist. I have not seen anything that shows that he is. He seems more of a crazy person.
The article’s author, based on information from homeland security, defines terrorism so broadly that any act of violence would qualify. You expect this sort of nonsense if you get in an argument at the bar…but spread from the media? WTF?