How the ghost of George Wallace hijacked the GOP

Want to understand Donald Trump? Look to another bigoted insurgent who promised to make America great again.

Source: How the ghost of George Wallace hijacked the GOP

This is the best explanation of the rise of Trumpism that I have seen.


NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal lied about being black: parents

NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal lied about being black: parents.

Pretty humorous story. It appears that she has created a complete alternative life-story, this kind of brazen lying is (at least) close to being sociopathic.

It is truly time to retire the entire false dichotomy of race and recognize that we all fall in or between fuzzy groups known as ethnicities.

Cherokee father “heartbroken” over losing custody

Cherokee father “heartbroken” over losing custody – CBS News.

Why does the media suck? Exhibit A:

The headline places parentheses around heartbroken, I guess so that we will know that this is a figurative statement…duh. While it should have placed parentheses around Cherokee, as the father is just over 2% Native American.

This is equivalent to one great great great grandparent being half Cherokee…while the other 31 are European/African/Asian.

WTF? This is a throwback to the One Percent Rule, a dark period in our shared history. The child in question is literally 1% Cherokee. I think this is highly illustrative of the f#$@ed up nature of our society.

This nonsense continues even as there is a growing consensus that race itself is an artificial construct and should be replaced with the fuzzy sets known as ethnic groups.

Protests in US after Zimmerman acquittal

Protests in US after Zimmerman acquittal – Americas – Al Jazeera English.

As soon as I heard that the jury had acquitted, I kept an eye on the usual news sites (NY Times, CNN, Fox News, BBC), curious to see if there would be riots in Florida.  I couldn’t find anything concerning protests or other civil action. Finally I checked out Al Jazeera English, and there was the news I had been seeking.  It seems odd that I have to seek out foreign news sources for domestic news.

My take on the case: The prosecution did not want to prosecute, they only did so to keep the feds from taking over the case. As such, their heart just wasn’t in it, maybe they even threw the case.  It seems that while the rest of the nation saw this as a case about race, locally it was a case about gun rights and Florida’s stand your ground law.

I didn’t follow the case but the basic (uncontested) facts seem to be that an armed man instigated a confrontation with an unarmed man, in the ensuing struggle the unarmed man was killed.

It appears that it is open season on young black males in Florida; the entire nation has taken a huge step backwards.