CAT-Shadow-Report-Advocates-for-US-Torture-Prosecutions.pdf. (PDF)

A UN report declaring both Bush and Obama to be in violation of international law regarding the use of torture. Bush for allowing it under his regime and Obama for failing to prosecute the perpetrators.

Both Bush and Obama make it pretty f%#king embarrassing to be an American.


Is Barack Obama an imperial president?

Is Barack Obama an imperial president? –

The short answer is, yes.  The sort that Nixon could only dream of.

Added to the Commander in Chief’s power grab is Harry Reid’s (D) ending the filibuster in the Senate, and it creates the sort of background in which we slip away from our democratic ideals. Odds are the Republicans will re-gain power some day…and they will run rough shod over us on the basis of Obama’s power grab. For such a smart guy, Obama sure seems short-sighted.