Mozilla CEO resigns, opposition to gay marriage drew fire

Intolerance is as bad when it comes from the left as it is when it comes from the right.

I opposed Prop 8 (I actually hate the entire initiative process as implemented in CA), but I find it abhorrent to hold one’s political views against them when it comes to a job.

Mozilla screwed up. The gay lobby (is this even a real thing?) gave the right ammunition. And we are all cheapened by it.

Mozilla Comes under Attack – and of Age

This assault on Mozilla and its values by a powerful business group like the IAB does have a positive aspect, though. It shows that from being a worthy but slightly obscure collection of geeks toiling away on issues mainly of interest to the technical community, Mozilla has grown to become so influential in the real world – the world of big money and serious profits – that it is being pilloried and demonised in this way. That’s a compliment of sorts, since it means that Mozilla has truly arrived.

via Mozilla Comes under Attack – and of Age – Open Enterprise.