Technology I Would Love to See

I would like Apple hardware, running Microsoft software, using Google services. How cool would that be?


Google Changes Outrage YouTube Community

Google Changes Outrage YouTube Community.

The founder of Youtube wonders why he needs a G+ account to comment on a video…meanwhile, I can’t rate apps in the Android Market  because I refuse to have a G+ account.

I don’t have a Facebook account, nor a Twitter account, and I have no use for a Google Plus account.  It seems that it is Google’s intent to push me to some other service provider.

Today I deleted my Youtube account. I had posted a video some time back and it was flagged for copyright take down. I appealed the decision and won. Three months go by and it gets flagged again, same reason as before, complaint from the same company. Rather than fight the same fight anew, I simply deleted my Youtube account. F#$k you Google! I am one more service closer to being rid of them.

Here is the video Google removed (now hosted at Vimeo):