Short Note on Terrorism and Encryption

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Source: Short Note on Terrorism and Encryption | Perspectives from Foggytown


Apple documents previously undocumented services that can leak user data

Apple documents previously undocumented services that can leak user data | Ars Technica.

Wow! Huge bombshell! When I first heard that a security researcher revealed that all iOS devices had secret services which served as a backdoor to YOUR data running; I took it with a grain of salt. The security researcher made bold claims that Apple had secret back doors that allowed the bypass of encryption and made your data available to anyone (the NSA?) with access to it. Sure, I thought, this simply can not be true.
Today, Apple confirmed it. Undocumented services that bypass security is BY DEFINITION a secret back door. After being outed, Apple has decided to document the services thus taking them from the realm of secret back doors to simply known back doors. Huge! Can’t wait to see how the Apple apologists spin this one.
The security researcher responds to Apple’s spin:

I don’t buy for a minute that these services are intended solely for diagnostics. The data they leak is of an extreme personal nature. There is no notification to the user. A real diagnostic tool would have been engineered to respect the user, prompt them like applications do for access to data, and respect backup encryption. Tell me, what is the point in promising the user encryption if there is a back door to bypass it?

How the N.S.A. Cracked the Web

How the N.S.A. Cracked the Web : The New Yorker.

This is much much worse than previously known. The only thing preventing full scale revolt in this country is that the matter is too esoteric for the average non-techie to understand.

I had a public education in the US, as such my head was filled with all of the usual propaganda.  These types of behaviors by our government behind our backs shows that we are neither free or brave.