King Fire | KPCC’s Fire Tracker

King Fire | KPCC’s Fire Tracker.

Of the 28 currently active fires in California, this one truly makes me sad. Only 5% contained and set by arson, it has burned through one of my favorite places on the planet. I’ve been camping in that area around 50 times.  It is in the El Dorado National Forest on the Western slope of the Sierra Mountains, North of Yosemite NP and SE of Lake Tahoe.


California drought emergency declared by Gov. Jerry Brown

California drought emergency declared by Gov. Jerry Brown – San Jose Mercury News.

Now it is official.

This decree allows the Southland to siphon our water for their golf courses while bypassing regulations. Other than that I don’t think the decree has much of a bite.

California prisoners continue hunger strikes

California prisoners continue hunger strikes – Features – Al Jazeera English.

Once again, have to go to foreign sources for local news.

346 inmates continue the hunger strike after 30 days (down from the estimated 29000 who started the strike.)

People do not purposely starve themselves lightly. It takes tremendous self control to go more than a couple of days without food.

Jerry Brown needs to listen to these folks and start enacting some changes.