How the Cost of Remaking the San Francisco Bay Bridge Soared to $6.5 Billion

A new book offers insights on how yet another huge mega-project soared way over budget.

Source: How the Cost of Remaking the San Francisco Bay Bridge Soared to $6.5 Billion – CityLab

WTH? One more post about the Oakland Bay Bridge (still a beautiful site on the Bay, yet still a boondoggle.)

The article could be about pretty much any governmental undertaking these days. Inefficiency combined with incompetence stirred with the lowest bidder and poured over crony contracts. The whole system is rotted from the inside and I am not even sure there is a solution anymore.


Walked the New Bay Bridge Today

Took the dogs and walked the new Bay Bridge Eastern span today. 10 miles round trip, wore them dogs out.

New Bay Bridge
New Bay Bridge-Looking West

That is the old bridge on the left, it blocks the view from the pedestrian area of the new bridge. I haven’t heard when they are going to take it down.

The pedestrian walkway doesn’t go quite to Yerba Buena Island yet, they have to tear down part of the old bridge before they can finish it. Parking is about 3 miles from the bridge…so the round trip was 10 miles…that is about all them dogs can handle.

Here is another shot taken from approximately the same spot but looking the other way (back toward Oakland).

New Bridge
New Bridge-Looking East