Now that Marijuana research is beginning to be wrested from the DEA/NIH cabal, we are beginning to see the fruits of this research. Did you catch these recent study highlights?

Early Onset Pot Use Isn’t Associated With Adverse Outcomes in Adulthood

Providing Medical Cannabis Access Reduces Opioid Abuses

Pot Is a Frequent Substitute For Alcohol [and] Other Drugs

Despite Legalization, Teens Aren’t Using More Pot (But They Are Consuming Far Less Alcohol and Tobacco)

Forget “The Munchies” — Pot Consumers Are Less Likely to Be Obese

I have nothing to gain from hyperbole, so those are links to the actual studies (some are behind a paywall, but all abstracts are available.)

The NIDA/DEA has had an effective lock on cannabis research for generations. As that lock is slowly dismantled, we will find that this herb has negative and positive health/mental/physical impacts. But we also find that cannabis is unique as a psychoactive in the dearth of its negative impacts on health and well being.



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