Bernie Sanders is the most electable and honest candidate Democrats have in 2016, which is why he will win the nomination and can easily beat any GOP candidate. After all, you can’t win the presidency with the FBI as a running mate and money can’t buy a voter’s trust.

Source: 5 Reasons Bernie Sanders Is a Better Democratic Candidate Than Hillary Clinton | H. A. Goodman

Item #2 illustrates why if Hillary is nominated, the Republicans get a free ride to the Whitehouse.

Item #3 is important to the extent that it relates to item #2. She has never come clean on the email “scandal”. I am not even sure that there is a scandal there… But in typical Hillary fashion, she invokes the lawyerly stipulated view of reality, admitting to only what can be proven. This causes the leaks to dribble out which leaves her to backtrack and modify her story to fit into the “new” reality. Had she come clean on the email thing the day after it started, we could be talking about something else now. Hillary’s secretive and hyper-suspicious demeanor would be better suited to the business world than to politics (see item #5).


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