I didn’t start using computers till well into adulthood…sometime around 1997.  I was pretty much unaware of the PC wars.  The day the Mac Mini was announced, I ordered one.  And that is when I became aware of the rampant hate amongst the Mac community.  The Mini came with a magazine subscription (I forget what magazine), every article was full of terms like Windoze and Microshaft, they belittled Windows users and generally came off as quite smug.  It got worse when I sought out Internet forums to help me figure out how to use my new computer.  I was introduced to even more hate and smug attitude.  It was a major turn off, I sold the Mac Mini.  Now years later, I am a happy Linux user (or is it Linux Loser? or Lintard?  Gotta hand it to the Apple using haters…they are creative.)

Then along came Android, and that really riled the hateful Mac community.  Their hate quickly switched from Microsoft to Android and eventually spread to Google itself.

As Macs and iDevices become the computers of choice for grandmothers everywhere, Apple has lost its cool.  You know, how cool can it be when Grandma has one?  Rather than give up their hate, the Mac faithful simply regrouped and projected more hate.

Let’s be honest, who cares what platform you use?  I could give a flipping frack less.  But…after being belittled and hated on by the Apple faithful, Android users are beginning to behave in a similar fashion.  Hate taints what it comes in contact with.  Of course the hate coming from the Android camp has not reached the levels of the Apple community…yet.  But it is on the rise.

As an avid Android user, I propose that we let the Apple community keep their hate.  Agree with them if necessary, but mostly just ignore them.  Eventually they will tire and fade away. No sense in letting hate beget more hate, it’s got to stop somewhere; why not right here, right now?


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