I am saddened that Opera is abandoning the Presto engine in favor of a re-compiled Chromium. My initial thoughts were that this solidifies lazy web devs developing for Webkit instead of standards.  We end up closer to a lifeless mono-culture.

But second thoughts arise.  We can’t blame Opera, lazy web devs are already developing only for Webkit, Opera has been unsuccessful at stopping them.  At some point one must act how long they should continue to beat their head against the wall, I guess Opera has reached that point.

I use Firefox on Linux (desktop) and Android (phone and tablet), but I have to keep a backup (Webkit-based) browser installed to deal with broken stuff caused by the previously mentioned lazy web devs.  Currently that backup browser is Chrome, but with this move I can delete Chrome from my life and use Opera as my backup browser.

Opera is dead, long live Opera!


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